Welcome to Homesteading With H{e}art

day three on the homestead

Well hello there. I’m Amy.

Who am I? Good question. I’m just a mom who wanted something different for her kids. Something simpler, self-sufficient, richer, slower and more meaningful. Something more along the lines of the way I was raised in the country on a cattle ranch.

And I wasn’t the only one who wanted this. My entire family did; brother and his children and my mother. So, we set out on a quest to find some land and take on the wild, beautiful and wonderful world of homesteading.

What we found was a huge piece of off-grid land in the mountains of Northern Washington. Big enough for all of us to each have our own homes built, but still have that sense of family togetherness. And the added bonus of an entire mountain community who treat each other like family.

my new porch view

Together we each bring something unique. My mother is an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to gardening, sewing, and making things from what the earth provides. I have a pretty green thumb myself, but I’m always taking notes when she teaches me new things. My brother is handy, intelligent, and knows all the skills an outdoorsy guy should know. And me? I’m a sponge for knowledge, creative, a great cook, and pretty darn tenacious.

my oldest son Jake

My youngest son Braden

Mistakes will be made. But to me, that’s just all part of it. We’ve given ourselves the gentleness and grace to make mistakes, learn, and move on. (I’ll tell you the story of the doomed chicken fence soon)

For my family, and for so many others, taking on the challenge of homesteading is a way to slow down and live a fuller, healthier, and more robust life. I have a passion for growing my own food, living off this land, and turning a homestead into a profitable way of life. I find joy in watching my children learn skills out in the pasture or woodshop.

So if you’ve stumbled upon this page, I do hope you stay, as I will be sharing everything I learn along the way. The good and the bad. Everything from growing food, to canning, cooking, chicken keeping, and building. We have expansion plans for goats, rabbits, and bees and I cannot wait to take you along on this journey.