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How to make Dandelion Tea and why

Most people see dandelions and want to eradicate them from their gardens and lawns as they tend to take over and make themselves at home wherever their seeds land on a breezy day. However, dandelions have many medicinal and health benefits that just might… Continue Reading “How to make Dandelion Tea and why”

DIY Raised Garden Bed Build

I’ve never built anything in my entire life. Correction. There was that one time I was in my “I’m an independent woman and I don’t need a man” phase where I built a bathroom etagere that wobbled when anyone touched it. And it’s possible… Continue Reading “DIY Raised Garden Bed Build”

Day of the Doomed Chicken Fence

The day started out full of promise. Eager to take on our first real “farm” task of building a fence for some laying hens gifted to our homestead, off we went. Gloves on, tools in hand, we all trekked through tall grass to the… Continue Reading “Day of the Doomed Chicken Fence”