My Top 10 Garden Gear Must Haves

1.A good sun hat is a must. I picked this one up on Amazon for under $25! Not only is it super cute and lightweight, but it’s adjustable as well. Being out under those UV rays for hours at a time, it’s a good idea to protect your skin as much as possible.

2. Kneeling Pad. And not just any kneeling pad! A really nice, quality one that has a moderate amount of give. Gardening puts a lot of pressure on your knees, not to mention gravel, thorns -etc. It’s easy to want to grab the cheapest one at the store, but trust me when I say – your joints will thank you for taking the time to select a comfortable one that helps protect your knees.

3. Good, sturdy work boots. I wear my Muck boots almost every day. Whether it’s to protect my socks from wet and muddy terrain, tall blades of grass or just to run down to the trash bin – I’m in my Mucks. In fact I love them so much, I have two pairs! Designed to stand up to tough conditions, Muck Boots are known for their comfort and quality and are 100% waterproof. 

4. A Trug Tub. Fill up a trug tub and grab both handles for easy carrying. Whether you are filling it with weeds, potting soil, tools or water – its makes for lightweight and easy portability. And since they are made from polyethylene and industrial-origin recycled plastic, they are flexible and durable and will never rust or crack.

5. A good set of hand tools! (No brainer) A hand rake, weeder, trowel and shovel…and you’re in business to spend time making colorful flowers and tasty veggies shine!

6. An insulated water bottle. Drinks stay icy cold on hot days or piping hot on cold days – your choice. Plus I love these Hydro Cell bottles because of the anti-slip coating on the outside.

7. Sunscreen. I’m certain I don’t even need to explain why. But seriously…use sunscreen.

8. Hand cream. Sometimes I really love gardening without gloves. I just love the way dirt feels in my hands. But boy does it wreak havoc on my skin and nails. Hands down, one of the best I’ve ever used is good old Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. It leaves rough skin smooth and it’s a natural moisturizing ointment that beats out all the other ones.

9. A good pair of gloves for all those jobs you can’t do bare-handed.

10. And last…a teaspoon. Yep, a kitchen spoon. This year when transplanting tiny, fragile seedlings – nothing worked better or more delicately than a spoon right out of the kitchen drawer!

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