DIY Raised Garden Bed Build

I’ve never built anything in my entire life.

Correction. There was that one time I was in my “I’m an independent woman and I don’t need a man” phase where I built a bathroom etagere that wobbled when anyone touched it. And it’s possible I built a bird house in seventh grade wood shop. Other than that, I’ve never built anything of substance.

Now, I feel pretty confident in my abilities with power tools and wood. (Sidenote: using a Miter Saw makes me feel like a TOTAL badass)

You would think that living in the mountains of Washington State we would already have lovely areas just ready to go for gardening. The truth is…we do not. So, we had to build raised garden beds, but had no idea where to start. (Thank you YouTube)

We found a project that looked like something we could easily pull off. So my brother drew up some schematics, we called a lumberyard to get some wood and off we went on our building adventure.

The plan was for four 8x4x2 boxes created out of pressure treated pine (no chemicals btw). Until we built our first one, none of us had any idea how big and heavy these would actually wind up being. At first we thought we could construct them all in the shop, load them into a pick up and drive them up to the spot where we planned to plant.


In the shop we attached the four-foot boards to a 2×2 post to create the ends, loaded them into the back of a pick up along with the eight-foot boards and drove them all to the planned garden spot. With two of us holding up the end pieces, the other two placed and secured the side boards with 3 inch wood/deck screws until we had this massive, gorgeous garden box! (one down, three to go)

It took us a few days to get them all built. Weather was not our friend that week! But eventually we got some wire mesh tacked to the bottom so pesky little gophers can’t get in, and got them all filled with soil.

Everyone pitched in, each in their own way. To say that we look at these boxes that will soon provide us with food with an overwhelming sense of pride is an understatement! It’s pretty cool to see them and know that I built these. I cut boards, I screwed pieces together, I got in the boxes and moved dirt into place with a shovel (then my hands when I realized they were a better tool). And I hope that every time we eat something we grew, we all still feel that same sense of accomplishment we felt that day.

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